Place Names

Ch'irwŏn, South Korea

August 15, 1950

The part of the line held by the 35th Infantry-covering as it did the main Masan-Chinju highway, the railroad, and the Nam River corridor, and forming the hinge with the 24th Division to the north-was potentially the most critical and important sector of the 25th Division front. Lt. Col. Bernard G. Teeter's 1st Battalion held the regimental left west of Komam-ni; Colonel Wilkins' 2nd Battalion held the regimental right along the Nam River. Maj. Robert L. Woolfolk's 3rd Battalion (1st Battalion, 29th Infantry)1st Battalion, 29th [20-now 3rd Battalion, 27 Infantry], was in reserve on the road south of Ch'irwŏn from where it could move quickly to any part of the line.