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Chosin Reservoir, North Korea

On the shallow western slopes of the spinal mountains of the eastern coast the Japanese had built storage dams; they had tunneled through the drainage divide and dropped stored water down the precipitous eastern mountain slopes through penstocks to a series of generating plants. There were five of these eastern power systems:

  1. Fusen,

  2. Chosin,

  3. Kyosen,

  4. Funei,

  5. Kongosan.





MAP 02 Changjin Region L552-NJ52-10


Chosin Reservoir--The Chosin Reservoir (Changjin Reservoir in Korean) part of North Korea's Japanese-built hydroelectric system is located in northeastern Korea. The Reservoir was the site of one of the best-known battles of the Korean War from Nov. 27-Dec. 11, 1950.

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