Place Names

Hwanggan, South Korea


Closely related to the Yŏngdong action was the enemy advance southward on the next road eastward, the Poŭn-Hwanggan road. The N.K. 2d Division, arriving too late on the east of Taejŏn' to help in the attack on that city, turned toward Poŭn. Unless checked it would pass through that town and come out on the main Sŏul-Pusan highway at Hwanggan, about ten miles east of Yŏngdong. This would place it in the rear of the 1st Cavalry Division [did not get in country until the 15th] on the latter's main supply road.


The task of defending this road fell to the 27th Infantry Regiment of the U.S. 25th Division. Upon first arriving in Korea that regiment went to the Uisŏng area, thirty-five air miles north of Taegu.


 On 13 July it moved from there to Andong to support ROK troops, but before it entered action in the heavy battles then taking place in that area it suddenly received orders to move to Sangju.


The 1st Cavalry Division quickly recognized the reality of these instructions. The division also experienced shortages in ammunition and other supplies. These shortages influenced the pace of the withdrawal. The threat of infiltration and flanking attacks remained until the division reached the Naktong River, but the need to secure the supply route from Taegu was equally important in the decision to move rapidly from Hwanggan to Kumchon.