Place Names

Hill 181 Round Top


July 23

Lt. Col. Peter D. Clainos' 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry, had orders to support the ROK troops with fire only. But on 23 July, North Koreans surrounded the 81-mm. mortar platoon of D Company, forcing it to fight at close range.

That same day, C Company on Round Top (Hill 181), at the southern outskirts of Yŏngdök, watched in silence as North Korean and ROK troops fought a seesaw battle in its vicinity.


August 5

On 5 August the North Koreans attacked again and drove the ROK's south of the town [Yŏngdök] to Hill 181. General Walker sent a personal message to Colonel Emmerich, the KMAG adviser with the ROK 3rd Division, saying that the lost ground must be regained. Plans were made for a counterattack the next night.

 August 6, 1950

During the 6th, while these plans were being readied, it was possible from the ROK division command post to see, through field glasses, the North Korean and ROK troops locked in battle at grenade range on Hill 181.

The night attack got under way at 1930 with a 15-minute air attack using rockets, napalm, and bombs. Naval gunfire and an artillery preparation for another fifteen minutes followed the air attack.