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Place Names

Iwakuni, Japan


Of the three F51 units, specific reports exist only on the Royal Australian Air Force No. 77 Squadron. This squadron flew two missions of four aircraft each.

The first mission was primarily an escort mission for B26s charged with bombing pontoon bridges across the Han River near Sŏul.

After completing the escort mission, the F51s, armed with .50-caliber machine guns and five-inch rockets, contacted Mellow, who steered them to Ch'ŏngsan to attack various targets.

One of the aircraft contacted Mosquito Jig, who directed the plane to targets north of Yongsang-Ni. Mellow directed the second mission, also four F 51s with machines guns and rockets only, to strafe roads west and north of Namwŏn up to Taejŏn.

Very few targets were visible. After landing at Taegu and refueling, the four F-51s became airborne again; Mellow vectored them to Yŏngju.

They then flew to Tangyang and Punggi before returning to Iwakuni. 99