Misawa Air Base, Japan

Fifth Air Force

Fifth Air Force
The Fifth Air Force was the major FEAF operating command in Japan and later Korea.
Fifth Air Force units stationed in Japan at the beginning of the war were:

Misawa Air Base

49th Fighter-Bomber Group
7th Fighter-Bomber Squadron




June 25, 1950

Headquarters received notification of the Korean incident and alerted all flights. Instructions were issued to arm each SB-17with one hundred (100) rounds of 50 caliber ammunition. All flights were immediately placed on a seven (7) day week, twenty-four (24) hour day.

A SB-17 from flight "C" located at Haneda Air Base, because of an evacuation from Misawa, was diverted to Johnson AB. The Fifth Air Force training Field Order testing the aerial defenses of Okinawa was still in progress with a Flight "D", SB-17 accomplishing a reconnaissance to Okinawa and return.