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NKPA 13th Mechanized Division

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13th KPA Division This Division was reported to have been organized in March 1950 as the 4th Independent Division. It was redesignated prior to the invasion and consisted of the 19th, 21st, and 23rd Infantry Regiments.

Regiments 19, 21, 23


13th Division (North Korea)

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The 13th Infantry Division was a military formation of the Korean People's Army during the 20th Century.

It participated in the North Korean advance from Sŏul to Daejeon.
The division fought in the Battle of Pusan Perimeter.[1]

August 5

 A tabulation of estimated enemy strength by major units as of 5 August follows: [15-58]

Unit Strength
1st Division 5,000
2nd Division 7,500
3rd Division 6,000
4th Division 7,000
5th Division 6,000
6th Division 3,600
8th Division 8,000
12th Division 6,000
13th Division 9,500
15th Division 5,000
105th Armored Division (40 tanks) 3,000
83rd Motorized Regiment (detachedfrom 105th Armored Division) 1,000
766th Independent Infantry Regiment 1,500

No reliable figures are available for the number of enemy tanks destroyed and for tank troop casualties of the 105th Armored Division by 5 August, but certainly they were high. There were only a few tank replacements during July.