II R.O.K Corps


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Active 24 July 1950 - present [July 14th? see below]
Country Republic of Korea
Branch Republic of Korea Army
Role Offensive force
Size Corps
Part of The First Republic of Korea Army
Nickname Two Dragons
Colors Red
Engagements Korean War
commander Liet. General Park Seon Woo


II Corps (South Korea) was created July 24, 1950, just before the Battle of Pusan Perimeter.

II Corps consisted of the 1st Division and 6th Infantry Division.

1st Division





During the battle of the Pusan Perimeter (July-September, 1950), its headquarters was at Hamch’ang.[1]


II R.O.K. Corps
II R.O.K. Corps was raised at Hamch'ang on 14 July 1950 and fought in the central zone of the U.N. front during the advance into North Korea between ill and I R.O.K. Corps. The Corps was inactivated in early January 1951 when three battered R.O.K. divisions were inactivated. II R.O.K. Corps was reconstituted in April 1952 and was immediately
committed to the front in a sector just east of the peninsula's center, between IX and X U.S. Corps. It remained in that sector until after the cease-fire.

July 1950
6th and 8th RO.K. Divisions, 23rd R.O.K. Infantry Regiment

August 1950
1st and 6th RO.K. Divisions

October 1950 (until inactivated)
6th, 7th, and 8th RO.K. Divisions

May 1952
3rd, 6th, and Capital R.O.K. Divisions

November 1952

3rd, 6th, and 8th R.O.K. Divisions

27 July 1953
6th, 7th, 8th, and 11th R.O.K. Divisions



Currently, its headquarters is located at the city of Chuncheon.

Current structure

Second Corps, Chuncheon Headquarters

7th Infantry Division, 'The Seven Stars Unit'
Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion, Hwacheon
3rd Infantry Regiment, Hwacheon
5th Infantry Regiment, Hwacheon
8th Infantry Regiment, Hwacheon
Artillery Regiment

15th Infantry Division, 'The Victory Unit'
Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion, Hwacheon
38th Infantry Regiment, Cheolwon
39th Infantry Regiment, Hwacheon
50th Infantry Regiment, Hwacheon
Artillery Regiment

27th Infantry Division
Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion, Hwacheon
77th Infantry Regiment, Hwacheon
78th Infantry Regiment, Hwacheon
79th Infantry Regiment, Hwacheon
Artillery Regiment

2nd Brigage of Engineers
2nd Brigage of Artillery
102nd Signal Brigade
721 Signal Battalion
722 Signal Battalion

Armed Forces Hospital at Chuncheon
Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion, Chuncheon
Headquarters and Headquarters Company