18th R.O.K. Infantry Regiment



The 18th Infantry Regiment was originally activated as the 18th Regiment on November 20, 1948 at P'ohang and was first commanded by Lt. Col Ch'oi Sok. The unit was not initially assigned to any division.

On August 4, 1949 the 2nd Regiment and 18th Regiment defended against a North Korean attack in the Kuksa-bong and Hill Ch'ungmu area. The units were able to repulse the initial attacks and the North Korean invasion was considered a disaster.


Division Capital 1st 2nd 3rd 5th 6th 7th 8th
1st             1st  
2nd           2nd    
3rd 3rd              
3rd             3rd  
5th     5th          
7th           7th    
8th 8th              
9th             9th  
10th               10th
11th   11th            
12th   12th            
13th   13th            
15th         15th      
16th     16th          
17th 17th              
18th       18th        
19th           19th    
20th         20th      
21st               21st
22nd       22nd        
23rd       23rd        
25th     25th          
26th       26th        

The 18th replaced the 26th in 1951.