Unit Details

Task Force Manchu


The 9th Infantry reserve, E Company, reinforced with one section of light machine guns from H Company, was to be the attack force.

The 1st Platoon, 2nd Engineer Combat Battalion, was to transport it across the river in assault boats the night of 31 August. Two heavy weapons companies, D and H, were each to furnish one section of heavy machine guns, one section of 81-mm. mortars, and one section of 75-mm. recoilless rifles for supporting fires. A platoon of 4.2-inch mortars was also to give support. [23-22]

Word of the enemy crossing that had caught the support elements of Task Force Manchu flat-footed had been received at the 2nd Division headquarters. This news, together with the heavy enemy barrages that had developed all along the river, caused the division to cancel Operation Manchu five minutes before midnight.