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25th U.S. Infantry Division

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Division Organization

CG Commanding General

Rank Name From To Status
MGen William B. Kean  1948  25-Feb-1951  
MGen Joseph S. Bradley 25-Feb-1951 14-Jul-1951  
MGen Ira P. Swift  14-Jul-1951 18-Jul-1952  
MGen Samuel T. Williams 18-Jul-1952 7-Jun-1953  
MGen Louis T. Heath 27-Jun-1953 1954  

ADC Assistant Division Commander

Rank Name From To Status
 BGen  Vennard Wilson      

Division Artillery

Rank Name From To Status
  General Barth      

CofS Chief of Staff

Rank Name From To Status

G-1 Personnel

Rank Name From To Status

G-2 Intelligence

Rank Name From To Status

G-3 Plan sand Operations

Rank Name From To Status

G-4 Logistics

Rank Name From To Status





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Division 1st Cav  2nd 3rd 7th 24th 25th 40th 45th    
Regiment                 187th RCT 5th RCT
5th Cavalry  5th                  
5th RCT                   5th RCT
 7th Cavalry  7th                  
 7th Infantry      7th              
 8th Cavalry  8th                  
 9th Infantry    9th                
 14th Infantry             14th        
 15th Infantry      15th              
 17th Infantry        17th            
 19th Infantry           19th          
 21st Infantry          21st          
 23rd Infantry    23rd                
 24th Infantry             24th        
 27th Infantry             27th        
 29th Infantry           temp          
 31st Infantry        31st            
 32nd Infantry        32nd            
 34th Infantry          34th          
 35th Infantry             35th        
 38th Infantry    38th                
 65th Infantry      65th              
 160th Infantry              160th      
 179th Infantry                179th    
 180th Infantry                180th    
187th RCT                 187th RCT  
 223rd Infantry              223rd      
 224th Infantry              224th      
 279th Infantry                279th    


During the occupation of Japan from 1945-1950, the 25th Infantry Division retained its triangular WWII organization of three infantry regiments. However, two of the infantry regiments were reduced to two battalions each and their supporting artillery battalions had only two firing batteries.

In 1949 a modification of the divisionís organization led to the adding of an anti-aircraft artillery battalion to the division artillery, a reduced strength tank battalion of one line company as well as additions and reconfigurations of several combat support and combat service support companies.

 It was in this configuration that the division entered the Korean War.

Korean War:

  • UN Defensive;
  • UN Offensive;
  • CCF Intervention;
  • First UN Counteroffensive;
  • CCF Spring Offensive;
  • UN Summer-Fall Offensive;
  • Second Korean Winter;
  • Korea, Summer-Fall 1952;
  • Third Korean Winter;
  • Korea, Summer 1953
Korean War
14th Infantry Regiment (1)
24th Infantry Regiment (2)
27th Infantry Regiment
35th Infantry Regiment
25th Division Artillery
HQ & HQ Battery
8th Field Artillery Battalion
64th Field Artillery Battalion
69th Field Artillery Battalion (3)
90th Field Artillery Battalion
159th Field Artillery Battalion (4)
21st AAA Battalion (6)
25th AAA Battalion (7)
79th/755th Tank Battalion (5)
89th Tank Battalion (6)
25th Reconnaissance Company
65th Engineer Battalion
77th Engineer Company (8)
25th Military Police Company
25th Signal Company
25th Medical Battalion
25th Quartermaster Company
25th Replacement Company
725th Ordnance Company
Hq. & Hq. Company & Band
25th Infantry Division

Korea Notes:

(1) Assigned from 8/1/51

(2) Assigned until 8/1/51

(3) Assigned from 8/1/51

(4) Assigned until 10/1/51

(5) Assigned until 11/14/51
(Redes. 755th 8/1/51)

(6) Assigned from 11/14/51
AAA=Antiaircraft Artillery

(7) Assigned until 11/10/51
AAA=Antiaircraft Artillery

(8) Assigned until 4/15/53


General Dean tried to give this front additional strength by assembling there the advanced units of the  25th Infantry Division, commanded by  Maj. Gen. William B. Kean. It was the second United States division to be committed in the war and arrived in Korea between 10 and 15 July.

July 8, 1950

On the 8th, General Kean and an advance party flew from Osaka, Japan, to Taejŏn for a conference with General Dean.

July 10, 1950

Two days later the 27th Infantry Regiment (Wolfhound) landed at Pusan. There the regiment learned that its new commander was Lt. Col. John H. "Mike" Michaelis.

July 12, 1950

Unit Info

On the 12th, a second regiment, the 24th Infantry, an all-Negro regiment and the only regiment in the Eighth Army having three battalions, arrived in Korea. Col. Horton V. White commanded it.

The 27th Infantry at first went to the Uisŏng area, thirty-five miles north of Taegu. General Kean opened his first 25th Division command post in Korea at Yongch'on, midway between Taegu and P'ohang-dong.

On 12, July General Dean ordered him to dispose the 25th Division, less one battalion which was to secure Yonil Airfield, so as to block enemy movement south from Ch'ungju. One regiment was to be in reserve at Kŭmch'ŏn ready to move either to the Taejon or the Ch'ŏngju area. [08-14]

July 13, 1950

The next day, 13 July, the 27th Infantry moved from Uisŏng to Andong on Eighth Army orders to take up blocking positions north of the town behind ROK troops.

July 15, 1950

Lastly, the 35th Infantry Regiment, commanded by Col. Henry G. Fisher, arrived at Pusan between 13 and 15 July. [08-13]

July 18, 1950

MacArthur announces that the 25th Infantry Division has landed at Pusan