Unit Details

77th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)



CO William A. ("Billy") Harris



On July 22, 1950 , the 8th Cavalry received their first enemy contact in the 1st Battalion's sector northwest of Yŏngdong. Heavy artillery and mortar fire fell throughout the day, and reports of enemy tanks surfaced for the first time.

Southwest of town, the 2nd Battalion, 8th Cavalry, area remained quiet. Artillery fire from the 11th, 77th, and 99th Field Artillery Battalions accounted for five enemy tanks and 15 other vehicles.

The threat of envelopment became a real concern to the 8th Cavalry as an aerial observer saw groups of NKPA soldiers dressed in white southwest of Yŏngdong. [13]

July 23, 1950

By the morning of July 23 the NKPA was again on the move. Its 3d' Division and armored elements, deploying on both roads leading eastward to, Taegu, simultaneously struck the widely separated 1/8 and 2/8.

Robert Kane's; 1/8, equipped with 3.5-inch bazookas and backed by the steady and skilled 77th FAB, commanded by West Pointer (1933) William A. ("Billy") Harris, and A/A weapons, held stoutly on the Taegu - Taejon road.

 However, Eugene Field's 2/8, backed by Alden Hatch's 61st FAB, was promptly encircled and cut off.[6-44]