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FEAF Bomber Command (Provisional)



FEAF Bomber Command was formed on 8 July 1950 at Yokota Air Base, Japan, to exercise operational control over the Twentieth Air Force's medium bomber groups and 31st Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron and the Fifth Air Force's 19th Bombardment Group. It would continue to control all medium bomber wings and strategic reconnaissance assets throughout the war. The high exchange rate of commanders was intentional, allowing more to achieve operational experience.


Maj. Gen. Emmett O'Donnell, Jr. 8 July 1950
Brig. Gen. James E. Briggs 10 Jan. 1951
Brig. Gen. Robert H. Terrill 23 May 1951
Brig. Gen. Joe W. Kelly 30 Sept. 1951
Brig. Gen. Wiley D. Ganey 15 Mar. 1952
Brig. Gen. William P. Fisher 5 Oct. 1952
Brig. Gen. Richard H. Carmichael 15 June 1953

Far East Air Force’s Bomber Command consisted of three medium bombardment groups – the 19, 98, and 307, each with an authorized strength of 33 B-29s.


13 July

General O'Donnell established Headquarters FEAF Bomber Command (Provisional) at Yokota Air Base in a directly subordinate status to FEAF. From this location on 13 July, only nine days after movement orders were issued, O'Donnell sent the 19th and 22d Groups against railway yards and a major oil refinery at Wŏnsan. O'Donnell would later recall: