Unit Details

1st Troop Carrier Task Force (Provisional)

FEAF Combat Cargo Command (Provisional)

315th Air Division (Combat Cargo)

This command was formed as the 1st Troop Carrier Task Force (Provisional) in Tokyo on 26 August 1950 to control all troop carrier units in the theater.

It was redesignated the Combat Cargo Command (Provisional) on 10 September 1950.

On 25 January 1951 it was again redesignated as the 315th Air Division (Combat Cargo) as its organization was normalized.

Maj. Gen. William H. Turner -----------26 Aug. 1950
Brig. Gen. John P. Henebry -----------8 Feb. 1951
Col. Cecil H. Childre -------------------26 Feb. 1952
Maj. Gen. Chester E. McCarty -------10 Apr. 1952