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Fifth Air Force In Korea

On 14 July 1950, Fifth Air Force headquarters was split into two headquarters squadrons.


 Headquarters Squadron, Fifth Air Force (Rear), remained at its original station at Nagoya, Japan, and retained responsibility for the air defense of Japan and for air units remaining in Japan, some of which flew missions into Korea.

Headquarters Squadron, Fifth Air Force (Advance), deployed to Taegu, South Korea, on 24 July. This headquarters was soon redesignated Fifth Air Force in Korea.

 As soon as housing and communications were provided in the missionary school compound which would shelter it in Taegu City, Fifth Air Force (Advance) began to move to the forward location, and at 0001 hours on 24 July Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron, Fifth Air Force (Advance), became operational in Taegu City.#119

August 9, 1950


In a subsequently issued re-designation [FEAF G.O. #46 9 Aug] which was made retroactive on 24 July, General Stratemeyer established the Fifth Air Force in Korea, and recognized it as a major command of the Far East Air Forces.#120

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