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22nd Bombardment Group, Medium

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22d Bombardment Group (Medium)
Deployed from the States to Okinawa in July 1950 to fly missions over Korea until returned to the States in October to November 1950.
2nd, 19th, and 33d Bombardment Squadrons (Medium)


After hurried hours of packing and preparation the deployment airlift got underway. The 22d and 92d Groups scheduled flights of 10 B-29 's each day, departing on 5 through 7 July.


The 22d left from March Air Force Base, stopped off at Hickam for a 10-hour rest period, then flew on to Kadena, with stops at Kwajalein and Guam.


The 92d Group took off from Spokane Air Force Base and followed a similar flight plan, with a final destination of Yokota Air Base near Tokyo. The average time of all flights from the Zone of Interior to the Far East was 5 days, including the rest periods at Hickam and Guam.   [note]


Detached from the 22nd BW, the 22nd BG deployed its B-29s in early July 1950 from March AFB, California, to Okinawa, where it came under control of FEAF Bomber Command (Provisional).

On July 13, the group flew its first mission, against the marshalling yards and oil refinery at Wŏnsan, North Korea.

By October 21, it had amassed fifty-seven missions against the enemy, attacking bridges, factories, industrial targets, troop concentrations, airfields, marshalling yards, communications centers, and port facilities. During four months of combat, the 22nd BG flew 335 sorties with only fourteen aborts and dropped over 6,500 tons of bombs. It redeployed to the United States in late October and November 1950.

Combat Components


Kadena AB, Okinawa, early July-October 28, 1950.


Col. James V. Edmundson, duration.

Campaign Streamers

UN Defensive; UN Offensive.




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