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  30th Bombardment Squadron (M)


Korean War

Three 19th Bomb Group B-29 Superfortresses on a combat mission during the Korean War

When the Korean War broke out in June 1950, the 30th was one of three B-29 squadrons of the 19th that deployed from Guam to Kadena AB, Okinawa, to conduct combat operations. On 28 June the squadron attacked North Korean storage tanks, marshalling yards, and armor in the vicinity of Seoul, South Korea. This was the first of just under 650 combat missions during the course of the war. Operating under Far East Air Force Bomber Command (Provisional), the 30th was reinforced with refurbished B-29s that were placed in storage after World War II, then brought back into operational service.

Operations over North Korea included attacking an oil refinery and port facilities at Wonsan, a railroad bridge at Pyongyang, and Yonpo Airfield. After United Nations ground forces pushed the communists out of South Korea, the squadron turned to strategic objectives in North Korea, including industrial and hydroelectric facilities. It also continued to attack bridges, marshalling yards, supply centers, artillery and troop positions, barracks, port facilities, and airfields.

The 30th continued bombardment operations until the June 1953 armistice in Korea; returned to the United States in May 1954; the squadrons B-29s being sent to reclamation.