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 314th Troop Carrier Group, Medium

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134th Troop Carrier Group (Medium)
::::=?ioyed from the States to Japan in August 1950. Conducted airlift operations from
,~ :, :'or the duration.
37th, 50th, 53d, 61st, and 62d Troop Carrier Squadrons (Medium)


Detached from its parent wing, the 314th TCG with its newly modified C-119 Flying Boxcars, moved from Sewart AFB, Tennesse to arrive at Ashiya AB, Japan in late August 1950.

From September through November 1950, it dropped ammunition and rations to UN frontline troops as they engaged the North Korean forces. It airlifted the 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team to Kimp'o AB.

On October 20, the 314th TCG furnished the bulk of the aircraft in the airborne phase of the UN assault north of Pyongyang. It received a Distinguished Unit Citation for actions from November 28 through December 10, 1950.

During this period the Chinese Communist Army encircled regiments of the 1st U.S. Marine and USA 7th Infantry Divisions near the Changjin Reservoir. The 314th TCG airdropped urgently needed ammunition, gasoline and rations, as well as an eight-span M-2 treadway bridge, allowing the besieged UN forces to extricate themselves along with their equipment.

The group maintained an almost constant shuttle to front line troops in Korea, delivering supplies, ammunition, and fuel and, at times, moving and air-dropping troops. It continued to transport personnel and supplies from Japan to Korea for the rest of the war and evacuated UN prisoners of war when they were freed.

Combat Components


Ashiya AB, Japan, September 7, 1950-.


  1. Col. Richard W. Henderson, -August 27, 1951;
  2. Col. William H. DeLacey, August 27, 1951;
  3. Col. David E. Daniel, September 28, 1951;
  4. Lt. Col. Harold L. Sommers, May 1, 1952-.

Campaign Streamers

  1. UN Defensive;
  2. UN Offensive;
  3. CCF Intervention;
  4. First UN Counteroffensive;
  5. CCF Spring Offensive;
  6. UN Summer-Fall Offensive 1951;
  7. Second Korean Winter;
  8. Korea, Summer-Fall 1952;
  9. Third Korean Winter;
  10. Korea, Summer 1953.


Distinguished Unit Citation for actions November 28-December 10, 1950.
Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation for period July 1, 1951-July 27, 1953.


Or, on clouds in fess, Azure, two boots passant of the field, ornamented, Gules. Motto: VIRI VENIENTE - Men Will Come. Approved on August 17, 1942.