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452nd Bombardment Wing, Light

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452d Bombardment Wing (Light)
USAFR unit mobilized in August 1950, arriving at Itazuke Air Base, Japan, in October-
November. Initially conducted operations over Korea until deployed there in May 1951.
Inactivated in May 1952 and assets


The 452nd BW, a Reserve wing ordered to active service in August 1950, moved from California to Japan during October-November. Arriving at Itazuke AB on October 25, the wing's air echelon began B-26 combat operations over Korea two days later.

Its ground echelon arrived by ship in mid-November. The wing, under Fifth Air Force control, was briefly attached to the 8th FBW at Itazuke AB and to 314th Air Division while at Miho AB, Japan.

The 452nd BW inactivated on May 10, 1952 and returned to Reserve status.

 Combat Components




  1. Itazuke AB, Japan, October 25, 1950;

  2. Miho AB, Japan, December 12, 1950;

  3. Pusan East AB, South Korea, May 23, 1951-May 10, 1952.


  1.  Brig. Gen. Luther W. Sweetser, Jr. -May 12, 1951;

  2. Col. Brooks A. Lawhon, May 12, 1951;

  3. Col. Reginald J. Clizbe, by August 20, 1951;

  4. Col. Albert W. Fletcher, February 10-May 10, 1952.

Campaign Streamers

  1. UN Offensive;

  2. CCF Intervention;

  3. First UN Counteroffensive;

  4. CCF Spring Offensive;

  5. UN Summer-Fall Offensive;

  6. Second Korean Winter;

  7. Korea, Summer-Fall 1952.


 Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation for period October 27, 1950-October 27, 1951.


Azure, fimbriated Or, a bomb Gules, point downward superimposed on lightning flashes Or, shaded Gules, in saltire. Motto: LABOR AD FUTURUM - Work for the Future. Approved for 452nd Wing and assigned groups on October 11, 1951.