Unit Details

 7th Marine Regiment

The 7th Marines were reactivated 17 August 1950 at Camp Pendleton, California and assigned to the 1st Marine Division. Deployed during September 1950 to the Republic of Korea. Participated in the Korean War, September 1950-July 1953, operating from: Inchon-Seoul, Chosin Reservoir, East Central Front, Western Front. Participated in the defense of the Korean Demilitarized Zone, July 1953-March 1955. Relocated during March 1955 to Camp Pendleton, California.


Regimental Organization

CO - Commanding Officer

Rank Name From To Status
Col. Homer Litzenberg
Col. Homer L. Litzenberg, Jr. 17 August 1950-15 April 1951      
Col.  Herman Nickerson, Jr. 16 April 1951-20 September 1951      
   John J. Wermuth, Jr. 21 September 1951-10 March 1952      
Col.  Russell E. Honsowetz 11 March 1952-10 June 1952      
Col.  Thomas C. Moore, Jr. 11 June 1952-4 November 1952      
Col.  Loren E. Haffner 5 November 1952-26 March 1953      
Col.  Glenn C. Funk 27 March 1953-3 August 1953      
Col.  Jack P. Juhan 4 August 1953-4 December 1953      
Col.  Wendell H. Duplantis 5 December 1953-24 February 1954      
Col. Earl A. Sneeringer 25 February 1954-3 July 1954      
Col.  Henry H. Crockett 4 July 1954-3 October 1954      
Col. Odell M. Conoley 4 October 1954-1 June 1955      

XO - Executive Officer

Rank Name From To Status
Robert Rickert


Rank Name From To Status
Major W.C. Reeves

S1 - Personnel Section

Rank Name From To Status

S2 - Intelligence Section

Rank Name From To Status

S-3 Operations Section

Rank Name From To Status
Robert E. Lorigan

S-4 Logistics Section

Rank Name From To Status

COM - Communication

Rank Name From To Status
Capt William R.Holt


Rank Name From To Status
Lt. USN Kevin J. Keaney
Lt. USN James Lewis,

Antitank Company

Rank Name From To Status
CO Capt George E. Petro
ExO 1stLt John A. Dudrey

Regimental Organization


S-1 Staff
S-2 Intelligence
S-3 Operations
S-4 Logistics


1st Battalion


2nd Battalion


3rd Battalion


On 10 August, the Joint Chiefs of Staff decided to add the third regiment to the division, and the 7th Marines was activated on August 17. It was scheduled to sail for the Far East by 1 September. The difficulty of obtaining troops to fill the division was so great that a battalion of marines on duty with the Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean was ordered to join the division in the Far East. [7th Marines as its 3rd Battalion] [25-9]


7th Marines

Col. Homer Litzenberg's Seventh Marines


CO Col Homer L. Litzenberg, Jr.

ExO LCoI Frederick R. Dowsett

LCol Raymond G. Davis S-3    [12/7]    

Maj Henry J. Woessner, II Communications

Capt George E. Zawasky (WIA,6Dec)

CWO Stanley A. Nowak Surgeon

Lt Peter E. Arioli, MC, USN (KIA,2Dec)

Ltjg) George W. Bremner,


Ltjg) Edward C. Byrne,



LCdr John H. Craven,


Lt(jg) Cornelius J. Griffin, ChC, USN (WIA,6Dec)


Antitank Company

CO Maj Walter T. Warren (WIA,8Dec)

1stLt Earl R. Delong ExO 1stLt Earl R. DeLong CoO 1stLt Raymond J. Elledge

2ndLt Francis W. Tief


4.2-Inch Mortar Company

CO Maj Rodney V. Rieghard CoO 1stLt Albert A. Briscoe (KIA,6Dec)

1stLt Nicholas Seminoff (WIA,28Nov)

1stLt Gordon Vincent