Unit Details

1st Battalion, 11th Marine Regiment  [1/11]





105mm howitzer


Headquarters Company

Service Company

Battery Able

Battery Baker

Battery Charley


CO - Commanding Officer

Rank Name From To Status
LtCol Wood, Ransom M.

XO - Executive Officer

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Rank Name From To Status

S1 - Personnel Section

Rank Name From To Status

S2 - Intelligence Section

Rank Name From To Status

S3 - Operations Section

Rank Name From To Status

S4 - Logistics Section

Rank Name From To Status

COM - Communication

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Antitank Company

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Headquarters Company

Wood, Ransom M. Lt. Col.
Schlesinger, Francis R. Maj.
S-2 Intelligence Section
Vallnte, Raymond L. Capt.
Paciulli, Orlo C., Jr. 2nd Lt.
Communications Section
Slack, LaRue C. CWO
Galland, Robert M. Maj.
S-3 Plan sand Operations Section
Pierce, Philip N. Capt.
Hendricks, Clayton V. 1st Lt.
Battery Commander
Brayshay, James W. Capt.
Davis, Keneth E. 1st Lt.
Battery Officer
Brain, Thomas R. 1st Lt.
Marks, Billy C. 2nd Lt.
Sivert, Patrick G. 2nd Lt.
Sporrer, Otto E. LCdr USN
Medical Section
Tomlin, Edwin M. Lt(jg) USN
Bonadies, Daniel Lt(jg) USN

Service Company

CO & S-4
Quelch, Kenneth H. 1st Lt.
Adjutant & S-1
Goodall, Jack W. CWO
Price, Paul E. CWO
Humphrey, Frederick M. 1st Lt.
Supply Section
Warher, William J., Jr.
Skaggs, Harry A. 1st Lt.
Fortuna, Stophan WO

Battery Able 1st BN

Jordan, James D. Capt.
Maintenance Officer
Kiernau, Robert R. 2nd Lt
Coren, Stuart M. 2nd Lt.
Stemart, Kenneth R. 2nd Lt.
Ragsdale, Eriec N. 2nd Lt.
Snyder, Joris J. 1st Lt.
Watters, Calvin C. 1st Lt.

Battery Baker 1st BN

Hofstetter, Arnold C. Capt.
Maintenance Officer
Carlson, Allen CWO
Blongewn, Donald M. 1st Lt.
Wirte, LeRoy K. 2nd Lt.
Sisson, Donald D. 2nd Lt.
Risinger, Robert O. 2nd Lt.
Ranier, Mark A. 1st Lt.

Battery Charlie 1st BN

Nichols, William J., Jr. Capt.
Maintenance Officer
Myers, Marvin G. WO
Booker, Dorsic J., Jr. 1st Lt.
Fly, Jerry D. 2nd Lt.
Phelps, Laurence M., Jr. 2nd Lt.
Ammer, Henry G. 1st Lt.
Rubin, Norman 2nd Lt.


1st Battalion, 11th Marines CO LCol Harvey A. Feehan ExO Maj Francis R. Schlesinger S-3            Capt Philip N. Pierce Headquarters CO

Capt James W. Brayshay Service CO

1stLt Kenneth W. Quelch


Able Battery, 11th

CO Capt James D. Jordan ExO Capt William A. Lang BtryO 1stLt Joseph C. Kellett

1stLt Phillip H. King1stLt Howard W. Rogers 1stLt Joris J. Snyder

1stLt Calvin C. Waters 2ndLt Robert R. Kiernan 2ndLt Orlo C. Paciulli, Jr. 2ndLt Evieo Ragsdale


Baker Battery, 11th

CO Capt Gilbert N. Powell ExO Capt Haskell C. Baker BtryO 1stLt Kenneth E. Davis

1stLt Frank Mockli

1stLt Mark A. Rainer 1stLt Edward W. Smith 2ndLt Robert D. Risinger 2ndLt Henry Ammer CWO Allen Carlson


Charlie Battery, 11th

CO Capt. William J. Nichols BtryO istLt Joseph A. Goeke, Jr.

1stLt Howard W. Rogers

1stLt John T. Thompson

CWO Marvin G. Myers




August 6, 1960 1230

The infantry unit was accompanied by the 1st Battalion, 11th Marines; the 2nd Platoon, 75-mm. Recoilless Guns; and the 3rd Platoon, Company A Engineers. After assembling in a schoolyard north of the village, 3/5 relieved the 2nd Battalion, 27th Infantry, on and around Hill 255.[2]

August 7, 1950 1700

Nearly all the infantry actions of the first 3 days owed a good deal to the support of the 1st Battalion, 11th Marines. Consisting of three 4-gun batteries, Lieutenant Colonel Ransom M. Wood’s outfit had relieved the 8th Field Artillery Battalion at Chindong-ni on the eve of D-day. Since the terrain afforded no suitable alternate areas, the Marine gunners moved into the positions vacated by the Army artillery, partly in the village and partly on the outskirts.