Unit Details

Task Group 96.5
Japan-Korea Support Group

Commanded by Rear Admiral John M. Higgins, USN  had 17 ships comprising 5 Task Units (TU) under his command, they included:



Task Unit 96.5.1 Flagship Element.

Task Unit 96.5.2 Destroyer Element.

Task Unit 96.5.3 British Commonwealth Support Element.

.4 ?

.5 ?

Support Group (TG-96.5)


   Early on the morning of the 26th [July 1950]  Admiral Hartman assumed command of the Support Group, sortied from Sasebo with Cruiser Division 3 and Desdiv 111, and headed north to bombard the Korean coast. But his plans were to be rudely interrupted by the developments to the southward which had concerned Admiral Struble.