19500830 0000 Typhoon Jane

Typhoon Jane struck the island of Shikoku in Japan on the 3rd of September. Resulting flooding and landslides killed 539 people. [1]
In late August, a depression formed and quickly intensified into a tropical storm and was given the name Jane. The storm drifted west-northwestward and intensified into a typhoon. Jane gradually curved to the north and intensified to a category 2 typhoon.
Category 3 typhoon (SSHS)
Duration August 30 September 4

Jane shortly reached category 3 status and peak intensity at 185 kph (115 mph). The typhoon
accelerated to the north-northeast and weakened to a
Peak intensity
185 km/h (115 mph) (1 -min), Unknown
category 2 storm and made landfall in the modern -day Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto area. Jane crossed Kyoto Prefecture and weakened to a tropical storm and crossed the Noto Peninsula and reentered the Sea of Japan and passed just west of Sado Island. The storm struck eastern
Aomori Prefecture and crossed the Tsugaru Straits and made a final landfall on the south coast of
Hokkaido Prefecture. Jane crossed Hokkaido and dissipated south of the Kuril Islands.